Anis Brown: Australia urges all parties to find a political solution for the Syria crisis based on UN Security Council Resolution 2254
Press Release

Press Release

We, as the peoples of North and East Syria and as the Autonomous Administration and its military, civil and security institutions, fought against terrorism in partnership with the Global Coalition, and have made huge sacrifice in this regard. On this basis, our relations have developed with different countries, including the Scandinavian countries. There has been an international solidarity with our people, as the peoples around the world realized that our fight against terrorism has been on behalf of all humanity and to achieve peace and security. In this framework, we have developed friendly relationship and cooperation with the Swedish people and Government based on our mutual interests.


Sweden is a country with democratic heritage and values ​​and is interested in supporting the struggle and will of oppressed peoples fighting for democracy. On this basis, our cooperation with Sweden has been in the humanitarian file and to achieve stability and creating a democratic solution for the Syrian crisis. We also appreciate the solidarity of the Swedish people, who have always been supportive to our region.


Unfortunately, we were disappointed by the statement of the new Swedish Foreign Minister, Mr. Tobias Billström, who spoke about ceasing support for the Kurds in Syria, or the People’s Protection Units (YPJ), according to his description. The military forces of North and East Syria (NES) supported by the Global Coalition against ISIS have been fighting against ISIS to maintain international peace and security. It is unfortunate that such a statement aims to placate Turkey to approve Sweden’s membership in NATO. We understand the interests of Sweden, but it should not be at the expense of the peoples who are fighting against global terrorism that threatens the entire world. We expect to receive more support at this crucial time in order to achieve the enduring defeat of ISIS. Ceasing the support to our region is contrary to the democratic values and would undermine anti-terror campaign. This is an acquiescence to Turkey, and makes Sweden looks like a partner with the Turkish policies, which support ISIS and Jabhat Al-Nusra against our region.


We hope that the Swedish government will remain committed to its values ​​and democratic political traditions, and that it will maintain its honorable position in the international community, as a country that strongly supports oppressed people. We also hope that the Swedish government takes into consideration the strong and historic relationship that we have with the Swedish people.


Department of Foreign Relations in the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria