A high-level delegation from North and East Syria visits the German Parliament
The delegation of North and East Syria completes its diplomatic tour in Germany by visiting the Parliament of the state of North Rhine- Westphalia

As part of a diplomatic tour, a delegation from the Democratic Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (DAANES) along with the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) and representatives of the DAANES in Europe and Germany and the representative of the Syriac Union party, met with members of the German parliament at the building of the German Bundestag in the capital, Berlin.

The delegation of the DAANES included Ms. Ilham Ahmed, co-chair of the Department of Foreign Relations, Dr. Mahmoud al-Muslat, co-chair of the SDC, Dr. Abdul Karim Omar, representative of the DAANES in Europe, and Mr. Khaled Darwish, representative of the DAANES in Germany.

Two separate meetings were held with the members of the German Parliament from the ruling Social Democrat Party of Germany (SPD), Mr. Nils Schmid and Frank schaabe, and the second meeting with Ms. Gökay Akbulut from the opposition Left Party of Germany.

At the beginning of the meeting, the delegation from North and East Syria provided an overview of the overall situation in Syria, which has been in an internal crisis for over fourteen years with no prospects for a political solution in the foreseeable future.

They discussed the repercussions of the crisis between Russia and Ukraine, as well as the conflict between Israel and Hamas, on the situation in Syria, especially in North and East Syria. They also addressed the latest developments in the region and the political, economic, and security challenges faced by the DAANES.

In addition to the issue of terrorism and the increase in ISIS terrorist cells activities, which benefits from the security vacuum caused by the focus of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the security forces on countering the attacks of the Turkish army and its mercenaries on the region, the continuation of which will help the return of ISIS again.

The delegation continued to talk about the file of ISIS detainees and the need to prosecute them, the file of their families in Al-Hol and Roj camps and the need for the international community to fulfil its responsibilities towards this complex and dangerous file.

The delegation elaborated on the systematic Turkish attacks targeting infrastructure and services, which amount to war crimes, create a major humanitarian crisis, increase civilian suffering, and endanger the lives of millions of civilians. These attacks are pushing towards new waves of mass migration.

The delegation emphasized the importance of developing and strengthening relations between North and East Syria and Germany on various mutual interests, including terrorism, migration, humanitarian assistance, and the political process in Syria.