Press Release
Press Release

Press Release

With regard to the practices carried out by Turkey and its intelligence to deceive the Turkish and international public opinion, Turkey continues to create scenarios and fabrications that have nothing to do with the truth. Where, in the context of what happened in the terrorist act in Istanbul, where innocent civilians lost their lives as its result, which is a condemned act by us, Turkey and its intelligence immediately accused us in the Autonomous Administration and our military forces for the terrorist bomb of Istanbul. This accusation is absolutely in line with Turkey’s policies and actions, through which it always wants to create pretexts to set the ground for attacking us and undermining the stability of our regions. Not to mention the violations and practices it carries out in the occupied regions.

While we, as the Department of Foreign Relations in the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, affirm that none of our institutions was involved in Istanbul bombing, we affirm that the Turkish accusations are a “game that lacks the standards of logic”, orchestrated by Turkey and its intelligence services, and Turkey is the first suspect for this bombing with its attempt to obscure the facts and truth. We also confirm that the so-called “Ahlam Al-Bashir” has no identification data registered in our regions.

We also call for an investigation by impartial and international fact-finding committees to uncover the circumstances and present them to the Turkish and international public opinion. We reject the Turkish game and call for not believing it as it comes to cover up the policies of the Turkish government and distract the Turkish people and direct their attention towards hypothetical and artificial schemes and projects that present our regions as being threat to Turkey. Whereas, Turkey should reconsider its policies because the ruling regime in Turkey is involved in supporting terrorists and mercenaries and dealing with them.

Department of Foreign Relations of North and East Syria
November 14, 2022