Clarification Statement Regarding Amnesty International’s Report
A high-level delegation from North and East Syria visits the German Parliament

To the public opinion

Based on the resolution issued by the High Electoral Commission in North and East Syria region (NES), which provides holding municipal elections in NES, on June 11, 2024. Accordingly, candidacy have been opened, ballot papers are being delivered , in addition to identifying and naming of polling stations.

The major aim of the High Electoral Commission in NES is to ensure the success of the electoral process, its integrity, transparency and independence. Therefore, we call on international governmental and non-governmental organizations to participate in the monitoring of the electoral process, which is supervised by the High Electoral Commission.
Monitoring the electoral process will include:
-The progress of the electoral process.
-The opening of polling stations and ensuring their preparations.
-Following up with the voting process and ensuring that appropriate conditions are provided for voters when voting.
-Vote counting process and ensuring its integrity.

In the end, we reaffirm that we are open to all proposals and directions that may contribute to the success of the elections, and we call on our people to participate in the elections and vote freely for who they believe can represent them in the municipalities.

High Electoral Commission in NES
May 21, 2024