Javier: We are concerned about the challenges and burdens the Autonomous Administration is facing, and we value the sacrifices of the people of the region.
The Department of Foreign Relations handover 146 ISIS families to the government of Tajikistan

On June 1, 2022, an Austrian delegation led by Mrs. Doris Vida Stragner, representative of the Austrian Ministry of European and International Affairs, came to the headquarters of the Department of Foreign Relations (DFR).

They were greeted by Abeer Elia, the Department of Foreign Relations’ deputy co-chair, Nafia Muhammad, the Presidential Office Administrator, and Barin Seydo, a member of the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) Relations Office.

The two sides discussed the threats and attacks of the Turkish state in north and east Syria(NES), the economic and humanitarian situation, the circumstances of the camps, and the displacement in the locale.

“Turkish threats aim to destabilize the region, and if Turkey invades any other areas of NES, it will lead to large waves of displaced people and exacerbate the suffering of the population, as it is an opportunity for the Islamic State to reorganize itself and try to regain control of some areas,” said Abeer Elia.

“The Autonomous Administration faces significant challenges in the region, including economic and security challenges,” she continued, “and we have previously appealed to the international community to establish a tribunal to hold ISIS fighters accountable and to assume its responsibilities to its citizens in the region, or to provide support to the Autonomous Administration to build rehabilitation centers for children, and to improve security and humanitarian conditions at detention centers and camps to eradicate terrorism and extremism.  .”

Ms. Doris, for her part, expressed gratitude to the Department of Foreign Relations and all those engaged in the repatriation of two Austrian children and their reunion with their families in Austria.


“We deeply appreciate the efforts of the distinguished individuals and entities that enabled us to successfully carry out this humanitarian mission,” she said. “We appreciate this opportunity to honor the sacrifices of the Syrian people and salute the efforts of all democratic forces that stood against terrorism and continue to fight ISIS.”

According to an official handover agreement between the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria and Austria, two Austrian children from the families of the terrorist organization ISIS were handed over at the end of the meeting.