A joint Delegation Between Albania and Kosovo On A visit to North and East Syria
The Department of Foreign Relations hands over two Austrian children to their country’s government

On Tuesday, May 31, 2022, a Spanish Member of Parliament Javier Nart arrived at the headquarters of the Department of Foreign Relations (DFR) on a visit to the north and east Syria(NES) to see the situation, the latest developments in the Region.

He was received by the Co-chair of the Department of Foreign Relations Abdulkarim Omar and the deputy Co-chair Fener alkait.


During the meeting, Mr. Javier was given a broad overview of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES), which was established in cooperation with all components after agreeing on a social compact and the role of women and the co-system in all of its institutions.

The two parties discussed Syria’s political process as well as possible solutions. “That the Autonomous Administration’s principle to develop a non-centralized democratic Syria is predicated on the principles of a democratic political solution and constructive conversation, and it is necessary to execute International Resolution 2254,” Abdul Karim Omar, the DFR’s co-chair, stated After the High Committee and the Constitutional Committee will be revised to represent all facets of Syrian nationalism, including the Kurds.

“Any possible Turkish aggression on Syrian lands is a new opportunity for the Islamic State to reorganize itself and launch terrorist operations,” Omar said, “and Turkey is continuing its policy of demographic change by building settlements in Afrin with the support of Palestinian, Qatari and Kuwaiti Brotherhood associations, as well as the daily violations of killing, rape, and in the occupied areas by their terrorist factions”.

“The administration faces great challenges, the most prominent of which are economic ones, especially since the closure of the Tal Kojar (Al-Yarubiyah) crossing and the lack of aid, which reaches only a small percentage due it arrives through Damascus, which furthers the suffering of the residents of the area,” Omar added.

Mr. Javier, for his part, expressed his concern about the challenges and burdens faced by the AANES alone and expressed his admiration for the Autonomous Administration’s experience, and praised the sacrifices made by the people of the region to protect it.
He said, “The Autonomous Administration here represents all components and is a good model for a solution and building a new Syria.”

Regarding the families and fighters of ISIS, Mr. Javier said, “It is important that the governments and countries of Europe assume their responsibilities towards their citizens, and I feel very sad because the Spanish government has not taken any serious step so far and does not want to return the children and women.”

It is scheduled for Mr. Javier to tour NES and meet with administration officials to see the situation closely in the Region