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Yesterday, Monday, December 20, the Department of Foreign Relations received a delegation from Sudan headed by the Acting Chargé d’Affairs of the Sudanese Embassy in Damascus, Mr. Tariq Abdullah, Mr. Imad El-Din Ahmed, an advisor at the embassy, ​​and Mr. Muhammad Siddiq Bashir, the administrative director of the embassy.

They were received by deputy co-chair of the Department of Foreign Relations, Fanar al-Kait, and Sana Daham, a member of the department’s administrative body, at the headquarter of the Department of Foreign Relations in Qamishlo.


During the meeting, the two sides talked about many political and economic issues and issues, including the Arab role in resolving the Syrian crisis.

Mr. Fanar al-Kait explained that the Autonomous Administration project aims at the unity of Syria and its people and does not threaten the security and stability of neighboring countries. The components of North and East of Syria have given huge sacrifices to liberate a third of Syria from terrorism and to eliminate terrorism and ensuring stability in the region.


In the context of the Arab role in resolving the Syrian crisis, Al-Kait said, “We hope that there will be efforts by Arab countries to contribute to a real solution to the Syrian crisis because the role played by some regional countries such as Turkey and Iran, was a negative role and deepen the crisis in Syria.”

Concerning the Al-Hol and Roj camps, Al-Kait noted that the situation in the camps is not healthy for the children and women to stay in the camps because the children are being raised on the ideology of ISIS, which helps ISIS to reorganize itself again. he added that it is important to establish rehabilitation centers to curb terrorism and bring peace and stability to the region.

While the two sides discussed the humanitarian situation and the file of refugees and displaced persons, and mechanisms of action to return them to their areas.