A French delegation on a visit to the north and east regions of Syria
A meeting between representatives of the Autonomous Administration and representatives of several European countries and the US Department of the state
Today, Saturday, June 5, 2021, an official delegation from the Netherland headed by the special envoy of the Netherland for the Syrian file, Mr. Emiel de Bont, and Mr. Dirk Jan Nieuwenhuis, Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Consular Affairs, arrived at the headquarters of the Department of Foreign Relations in Qamishlo, to receive a number of Dutch citizens from the families of ISIS terrorist organization.
They were received by the co-chair of the Department of Foreign Relations, Abdul Karim Omar, the deputy of co-chairs, Fanar Al-Kait, members of the administrative body, Sana Daham and Abdul Rahman Salman, Sabah Shabu,, from the Women’s Commission and Mumtaz bahlawi from the legal office of the commission, and Zozan Anas from the YPJ
Relations Office.
During the joint press conference between the co-chair of the Department of Foreign Relations, Dr. Abdul Karim Omar, and the envoy of the Netherlands for the Syrian file, Omar said, “Today we will hand over a woman and her two children and another girl, which is a humanitarian case. We took the written consent of her mother, and here we explain the Autonomous Administration’s policy in this matter. We hand over orphaned children and some Humanitarian cases who need treatment outside the region after taking written consent from their mothers because our laws do not allow us to separate children from mothers, and we also hand over women who have not been proven to have committed crimes within the regions of north and east Syria. netless to say that durational countries of the repatriated women can put them on trial if they had committed any crimes on their lands”.
Omar called on the international community again, especially Europe, to assume its responsibilities towards its citizens, because their presence in the radical atmosphere threatens to revive ISIS again and create a new terrorist generation as well. He also called for the establishment of a tribunal to prosecute ISIS terrorists because the crimes were committed in the region and the evidence and
proof are also here.
Mr. de Bont, on his part, thanked the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria for its cooperation and facilitating all procedures to complete the handover process. He said, “I am here today with a mission, which is to return some citizens to Holland who were in Roj camp after the decision issued by our court in Holland and the government decided to carry out this operation So we are doing our legal duty here.”
“I note that we held an important meeting and received important details about the camps and detention centers and the big burden on the autonomous administration and the challenges facing the region, and I will certainly deliver the message to the government.”
The handover took place after the signing of an official document between the two sides.