David Braunstein on a visit to the Foreign Relations Department to discuss political and economic developments in the region
a delegation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan in a visit to north and eastern Syria

Today, Sunday, April 18, 2021, an official Russian delegation from the Child Rights Commission of the President of the Russian Federation, headed by Mrs. Anna Kuznetsova, Chairperson of the Commission, arrived at the headquarters of the Foreign Relations Department in Qamishlo, to receive 34 orphaned Russian children of ISIS’s families.

The delegation was received by the co-chair of Foreign Relations Department, “Abdul Karim Omar,” and deputy co-chairs, “Fanar Al-Kait,” “Abeer Elia,” and Mrs. “Sana Daham,” a member of the administrative body of the department, and “Avin Qafour” and “Belqis Hamandi” the deputies of Head of the Women’s Commission in Al-Jazirah Region, and “Zozan Anz” on behalf of the YPJ Relation Office.

Dr. Abdul Karim Omar, during the press conference held between the two sides, thanked Russia for taking its humanitarian responsibility towards these children and said, “Today, 34 children of Russian nationality were handed over, all of them are orphans, and we as autonomous administration always respond to humanitarian cases, and we take this opportunity to renew our call to all countries whose children are in the camps of the Autonomous Administration areas to assume their responsibilities towards these children. ”

Dr. Omar added, “The continued presence l of these children in this radical atmosphere means building a new terrorist generation that poses a threat to us and the entire international community in the future.”

For its part, Anna Kuznetsova, Commissioner for Child Rights to the President of the Russian Federation, thanked the Autonomous Administration for facilitating the process of returning children to their homeland and called on the international community and international organizations to contribute to the repatriation of all children to their homelands.

The handover process took place after the signing of an official handover document between the two sides.