Media Statement
A French delegation on a visit to the northern and eastern regions of Syria

Since October 9, the Turkish State and its extremist groups have been violating all international standards and conventions by repeating the same crimes that they have committed in the occupied region of Afrin including the implementation of the demographic change policy. The Turkish attacks and practices are a clear violation of all the international norms as well as a flagrant violation of human and democratic values in the world. Thus, it is a moral obligation to expose the Turkish policies, which support terrorism and cause chaos in our region and the world. The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria reiterates its call to all relevant international institutions, human rights organizations, and civil society organizations to condemn these fascist practices of Turkey, which are in contrast to all the international laws. The most heinous crime committed by Turkey and its affiliated militias is the enforcement of demographic change in our region, which threatens the very existence of our people. In this context, we would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to the advocacy group Justice For Kurds (JFK), which includes intellectuals, academics, diplomats and former ambassadors from different countries who recently launched a campaign under the motto “We Stand With The Kurds” in solidarity with our people who have been targeted by the Turkish State and its affiliated militias. We consider this initiative as an ethical position to defend our people who have fought on behalf of the entire world against ISIS and other terrorist organizations, which Turkey armed and funded. We call on all the intelligentsia in our region and around the world to shoulder the responsibility for defending our people from the existential threat that we are facing by denouncing the Turkish occupation of our region and exposing the crimes committed by Turkey and its extremist militias. Department of Foreign Relations in the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria Ain Issa, 29 November 2019